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Had my twin boys 2 weeks ago!

They were born by unplanned C-section (after scheduled indiction) on March 18, weighing a whopping 7 lbs 8 oz and 8 lbs 9 oz, respectively!

Here is their birth story...
Monday - 38 weeks - induction was scheduled for 7:30 AM.  We arrived at the hospital thinking we would be starting with Pitocin, because our doctor had explained that she didn't think cervical ripening (Cervidil, etc.) was going to be necessary, as she thought that my cervix would be ripening between our appointment on Wednesday and the induction on Monday.  We were checked into a labor room and given the progesterone gel, which I had to lay flat for 2 hours and be monitored on.  The bummer about this is that my babies were so hard to get on the monitors and once the nurses got them, they didn't really want me to move (like from one side to the other), even if I was really uncomfortable.  After the 2 hours, I got a 2 hour break to have lunch and walk around before they checked my cervix.  There was little to no progress, so they gave me another dose in the afternoon.  But after the monitoring and checking, there was still no progress, so they sent me home for the night (which was a bit frustrating, even though it was nice to get one more night's sleep in my bed).

Tuesday - 38w 1d - returned to be admitted for induction (again).  Got admitted to a labor room, had one more dose of ripening gel, 2 hours of monitoring, 2 hours off, then cervix check.  Cervix had made some progress (maybe I was 2cm instead of 1), but not enough.  So they kept me overnight and gave me Cervidil, which meant I had to be monitored the whole night long, which was a pain but okay.

Wednesday - 38w 2d - midwife checked my cervix and was pleased that the Cervidil seemed to have worked enough that we could begin the Pitocin.  Started Pitocin, was having contractions, but cervix wasn't progressing as much as we would like, so the midwife decided it was time to break my water.  Holy cow, did the contractions pick up after that!  Luckily, my mom was with me, because MH had gone on a walk to get me a milkshake at that very time, so he missed the water being broken and me screaming in pain.  At that point, I was about 4 cm, in major pain, and I got the epi right away.  Felt much better after that.  The midwives assured me my babies were going to be born that night, and that they would be St. Patrick's Day babies!  Because of this, my mom decided to stay over in the labor room with me and MH because she didn't want to miss the birth.  I spent the night mostly awake while they monitored me and I became ever so slightly more dilated...very slowly...my poor mom and MH took turns on the pull-out chair bed (one would sleep for an hour, then the other would take a turn).  Over the course of the night, people kept coming to tell me I was doing a great job and that this was normal.  It was a very, very long night.  The doctor on call ordered the midwife to insert a uterine monitor that would measure the strength of each contraction.  The results showed that my uterus wasn't really contracting as well as it needed to to dilate the cervix to 10cm.  I started to worry that it probably couldn't push out two babies, then, either.

Thursday morning - 38w 3d - the doctor on call came in and talked to us about our options.  I was at the max dose of Pitocin, so they couldn't give me any more, but could just keep me on it and see what happened and if I could get to 10cm eventually.  Or, I could have a c-section.  As determined as the midwives were to deliver those babies, I was worried about the integrity of my enormous uterus and my ability to effectively push both babies out.  I was also worried about maybe succeeding with one baby, only to have to get a c-section for baby #2 anyway.  So we decided that a c-section was the best option, as we knew it would result in a delivery (as opposed to option #1 of wait-and-see what happens), and we knew it would allow for just one procedure, as opposed to two.  As soon as we made the decision, things were in motion for the section.  I became very nauseous after getting the drugs in the epidural, and then I started to shake uncontrollably (horrible feeling).  By the time I was on the table, I couldn't stop convulsing and I ended up vomiting throughout the delivery.  But it was so worth it to hear my boys' cries when they arrived at 9:09 and 9:10 that morning!  I couldn't believe that it was finally over and I was finally getting the chance to meet them!
It's been a crazy couple of weeks and I have MANY questions to ask you moms, so I am apologizing in advance for the many posts that will follow! 
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Re: Had my twin boys 2 weeks ago!

  • what great big boys, that is amazing! that is quite a birth story, congratulations!
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  • Holy big babies, batman!  That's wonderful.  It sounds like it took a lot of effort to get you boys here - I'm sure it was worth it!  =) 


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  • Wow. Your babies are huge. Great job.
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  • Congratulations on your healthy and BIG baby boys! 
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  • wow, you grew some big ol' boys! congrats, and enjoy your little guys!
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    The different types of twins and triplets
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  • Wow what a story.  Glad all is well.
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  • Congrats! What a birth story, wow!  And those are amazing weights!

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  • Congratulations!!  Wonderful weights...nice to hear.
  • What a great story!  Congrats on your little ones.
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  • Holy moly big babies!!!  Great job Mama and congratulations!! : )
  • Congratulations times two!  Wow for huge babies!!!
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  • Wow!  Big healthy babies!  Congrats!!
  • Great job Mom!  Sorry it was a rough delivery though.
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  • Big boys!!! that's awesome- congrats!
  • OMG, I think those are the biggest twins I have ever heard of!  Were you in so much pain? 

    I am so happy to hear you are all healthy.  What a long delivery!  You are one strong mama.  I was laughing when you said your DH left to get you a milkshake because it reminded me of when I was pregnant and needed ice cream everyday :)


  • yea! congrats!! cant wait to see pics!
  • Wow what a story!! Congrats on your big healthy boys, yay!!
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    7/31:8dp5dt AM POSITIVE DIGI CLEARBLUE PREGNANT 2-3!!!! :):) 
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    8/05/2015 AM POSITIVE DIGI CLEARBLUE PREGNANT 3+!!!! :):) 
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