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Swaddle Transitioner?

OK, so I have been battling with trying to break the swaddle habit with pretty much no luck.  I've tried 1 arm out, but she still busts out (and, trust me, I can do a damn good swaddle!). We transitioned to the sleep sack, but that was pretty much a disaster.  I am attempting, once again, the sleep sack, but have sort of swaddled her legs just to keep them tight...but have a feeling I will be up soothing her at 1 am!

So...I need your input!  What did you do?  How long did it last?

More importantly, has anyone tried the Peke Moe or Woombie product(s)?  If so, feedback?!?!?  


Re: Swaddle Transitioner?

  • Heck, we're still swaddling Hayden and he's 7.5 months old!!  He loves to be swaddled and scratches the crap out of his head if he's not so I've just kept doing it.  A friend of a friend recommended the Peke Moe, but not sure that I want to spend $65+ on it......I have got to break the swaddle though and I'm getting desperate!
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  • Abigail was swaddled until she was about 9 months old. She finally decided she was done with it, and fought me when I tried swaddling her and would break free almost right away. When that happened, I just took it away all together. No transitioning. It worked out fine.

    Abigail Taylor 09.18.2008

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  • Derek was swaddled in some form until he was about 7 months. I wouldn't worry too much and just follow her cues. Sorry you're having such a hard time though, we tried what you're doing with sleep sacks too with no success and midnight wake ups. No fun! GL!
    Derek 6.30.09 & Parker 4.1.11
  • We started deswaddling Cason at about 6 months. We did one arm and legs out consistently and it took him about 5 days to get used to that. Then, we went to no arms or legs and that actually took about a week, too. Not long after that he learned to flip over to his tummy and that has helped him sleep better too. Maybe it does work best to just let them decide when they are done. My pedi. recommended doing it for as long as the baby wants to, but we wanted to stop b/c he had started rolling to his tummy
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  • We had to de-swaddle Baer when he started rolling around in his crib because we thought it was just too dangerous.  It was such a PITA the first couple of nights because he would wake himself up every couple hours and scratch his face.  But now, he's learned to sleep without it and actually sleeps much better and longer at night.  Turns out, he likes to sleep on his side or stomach and he can get into that position on his own now.  He also prefers his thumb to a pacifier, so it's better that his hands are free.  We de-swaddled slowly - first the arms, then the legs.  Arms were the hardest.  In the end, I was amazed how well he learned.  So proud.
  • My first LO weaned himself from the swaddle by getting his arms out at about 3 months.  Sounds like your LO is doing the same.  Once he did this, we wrapped just his belly for awhile and then transitioned him to a Halo sleepsack.  Sounds like you are doing everything right, and just need to give her time to adjust.  By the way, if she's rolling over, she shouldn't be swaddled anymore. 
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  • We decided to deswaddle when he was rolling around, like 3 .5 months.  We started with the woombie, and he did okay with it.  Then we did the one arm out, 2 arms, and then finally the sleep sack.  It did take a couple weeks for him to be deswaddled, and I won't lie, some nights were hell.  But keep at it and she'll "get it".  Good luck!
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