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Last Day of Work Today!

Ok... so everyone was right!  When my doctor first mentioned that she'd probably pull me out around 29 weeks, I was shocked (she told me when I was about 24 weeks).  Like everyone told me, once I hit week 29 I realized how right she was. Even with an office job that is a "desk job" the strain in the last couple of weeks has been crazy. 

Although it seems like a long time until my due date, I'm really looking forward to not dealing with the stress of my job, the commute, etc.  and focusing on keeping these girls cooking!


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Re: Last Day of Work Today!

  • smart move.  Enjoy the time now and keep those babies cooking!


  • Yeah on last day of work!!

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  • I'm so jealous!!!  My OB told me to set a goal of 32 weeks.  So my last day is April 29th.  The countdown began a long time ago... but it is flying by!!!

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  • Congrats!  I've been at home for the last few weeks and the time has flown! It's a little wierd since I don't really know anyone IRL who has taken so much time off work before giving birth without being on actual bedrest, but I know it's been the right thing.  And all the reasons that work was getting difficult have gotten so much worse (soreness, swelling, inability to sleep, difficulty walking) that I can't imagine functioning at work at this point!  Enjoy your time!

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