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Those of you who already have children...

Can I ask for some of your wisdom?

Did you do any travelling later in your pregnancy? I have a HUGE work project / program taking place in September and I will be (God willing) 30 weeks pregnant at the time. I will have to travel to Las Vegas from St. Louis.

I am an event planner - so this will be about a week in Vegas helping run a huge 2,000 person event. It's a really big project for my company and they are depending on me to be there.

I know I will have to take it easy and be sure to drink tons of water and not get super stressed, but do you think it's even plausible that I will be able to travel at that time?


Re: Those of you who already have children...

  • When I was pg with DS the dr.'s told me it was ok to fly until 34wks. Each dr. is different though and so is each circumstance so if I were you I would first try to see how your pregnancy goes and then make the big decisions from there,
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  • Thanks girls! I know it's a bit "cart before the horse" to worry about September now, but it's the biggest part of my job, so it's definitely in the forefront of my mind!

    I appreciate your advice!


  • I managed a pretty stressful, on my feet project for 3 days at about 31wks. I was tired at the end of it but all my co-workers were great at forcing me to have water, sit down when I needed a break, etc. It was fine.

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  • With my first baby I was able to work and travel until 34 weeks.  With my second I had to take it much easier since contractions started at 26 weeks.  We held them off until 38 weeks but I was on limited activity and no travel.  I would say plan to do everything as normal, with extra rest time built in, but be prepared to make changes.  Baby's health is most important.

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