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X is aggrivating me today...

He came to pick up DS yesterday morning. DS was still eating breakfast so he joined us for a bit. He seemed squirmy and kept pulling his jacket collar up to his neck. That's when I noticed TWO hickies the size of quarters on his neck. Sarcastic me says "nice hickies" and he umms and uhhs for a bit then says "you look tired"... No really?! I only take care of DS full time, work, and am 22 weeks pregnant. I have loads of energy... jerk... So they leave and I'm tempted to yell "have fun at the park DS" because we live across from a park and that would have made X struggle to get DS into his car but I bit my lip and waved bye. Mid morning I get a text "DS says no a lot"... Thanks for the update tips, I ONLY live with him and have been hearing the NOs for 2+ weeks now. Then this morning I get a text at 9:30AM "can DS have donuts" REALLY!? you need to ask if you can load up my son with sugar! I was nice tho and said "no sugary foods please. try fruits and veggies". But seriously why in the world would you ask if DS can have a donut an hour or 2 after breakfast!! Makes me really nervous.... just now I get a text "DS lost his pacifier". What the heck do you want me to do about that?!? you live an hour and a half away from me! It's not like when we were living together and I can tell you there is a clean one in the cupboard, or check in the bin under his crib if he didn't have it when he woke up... But why would you need one now? DS doesn't nap for another hour, and it should have been left in his room when he woke up. DS ONLY gets his pacifier for bed time and I'm planning on cutting that out when we switch to the big boy bed sometime between now and July. Ugh. Just makes me wonder...


sorry for venting. but thanks for reading!

Re: X is aggrivating me today...

  • Ugh, that's annoying!  At least you were polite when you responded.  I don't put anything in a text I wouldn't want saved.  Especially considering that I save obscene texts from XH.

    PM me for the new blog address!
  • I hear ya. X hasnt said anything YET that I would really want to save. But his facebook page has some questionable things I'm going to print... "poems" he has wrote recently about depressing stuff like death or suicide.
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