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What happens at first Peri Appointment? (20 weeks)

I know this probably gets asked all the time, but for some reason I am super nervous about this appointment. I am finally meeting the Peri tom, at 19w 5 days or something and I am wondering what to expect? What is going to happen here? My OB mentioned that he will probably be able to tell me the sexes, but that's about all I know.

Thanks so much for soothing my crazy pregnancy nervousness.

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Re: What happens at first Peri Appointment? (20 weeks)

  • probably you will have the anatomy scan.  they'll take measurements of the babies' limbs, check organs, etc.  it is a long appt.  if you need to eat often (like i did) bring a snack and water.  it is a very cool appt as you get alot of time to see and hear about babies.  they may ask you to lay on your back for a while, and it can get uncomfortable, but in general it's a great appt. 

    hopefully yours will cooperate and show you their stuff! 

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  • At my first appointment they measured the babies and checked their heartbeat and that was really it.  Because you are further along for your first appointment then i was, they may do your "BIG" 20 week measurement and scan.  At that appointment they check everything out on the babies for their growth and development.  Afterwards the doctor will tell you about how the babies are looking and you can ask any questions you want.  I was there about 45 mins - 1 hr.  They should be able to tell the babies sexes, with no problem!!!  I'm surprised that you are willing to know the sexes, and at almost 20 weeks, you still don't!!!  GOODLUCK, and don't be nervous, i love my Peri appts!!! :)

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