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At what point will they be old enough for us to take them on vacation and enjoy it (within reason)?

18 mos.?

2 years?

We just got down to 3 bottles, (7, 11, and bed), and are on almost all table food.  We're still on 2 naps though, so I'm thinking that off-schedule babies = not so much fun. 

We were kind of thinking about going somewhere for our 5 year ann. in August (babies will be 15 mos.), but I'm not sure it'll be worth the money if we're going to end up with two crabby babies in tow the whole time.

Re: Vacation

  • Not sure about with twins...we flew from Louisiana to Chicago with DD when she was 15 months and had a blast. We just made sure to have flexible schedules in mind and fork out the extra cash for her to have her own seat on the plane and a non-stop flight.
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