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Hello all you Beautiful Mothers to be!!!

My Husband and I just moved from California to Virginia Beach for his job. After just a week here, we found out that we are about 6 weeks Pregnant!!!! :)

 I have no idea where the shopping around here is, let alone a doctor!

 Any recommendations on OBGYN's in the area?!! PLEASE HELP!!!

 Thanks Mommies :)

Re: OBGYN/ Virginia Beach Area

  • The Sentara Hospital and Riverside Hospital care systems are great...it really just depends on your/hubby's insurance i guess:)  if you are High Risk you will probably be seen in MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine) Clinics within one of the hospital systems...

    Im up on the peninsula but am part of the MFM clinic associated with the medical school (EVMS) in Norfolk...good luck:)

  • Hey Ashley,


    I'm in the same boat. We moved here from San Diego in December, and I'm about six weeks along, too. I can't help you out the on the OB/GYN (we're using military health insurance and providers), but there are quite a few good shopping malls around here. Lynnhaven, Pembroke, Chesapeake, some cute stores in Hilltop...all depends on what's closest to you. Also, I'm finding a lot of good deals on Craigslist (Hampton Roads).



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  • I highly recommend the Group for Women. I just delivered my daughter with that group and LOVE them!!!!!! They have several offices, and their team is great!!! I see Dr. Martha Fernandez with them and she is amazing. I cannot say enough good things about them! Best of luck to you and congrats on your pregnancy!!
  • Virginia Beach OBGYN is great. I'm pregnant with my first and they have been so patient. There are 4 OBs in the practice. Everyone is very nice and answers all my stupid questions :-)


  • I went to Frank G. Morgan, Jr, MD from Tidewater Physicians for Women and I loved them there.

  • Hello!

    I use Complete Womens Care. They have 10 diff dr's and are all great. Its a nice office- 2 locations- First Colonail Road and Glenn Mitchell Drive- they deliver at Sentara General- over near Hilltop. Their # is 481-7222 and thier web address is www.completewomenscare.net .... can you tell... I recommend them! Paradise


    Good luck, Congrats and welcome to the area!!

  • THANK YOU!!!

    Thanks to all your wonderful Mommies to be! It has been a crazy few months for us having just moved here, finding out we were pregnant and getting settled at a doctor! Thank you all for your recommendations! We ended up at Complete Women's Care...and Love them! Now, it's just figuring the rest out, lol!

    Anyone have their Pediatrician's picked out yet for the after the baby arrives?!

     Hope you are all doing wonderfully in your pregnancies! :)



  • Yea for CWC!! :-) Maybe I wil see you at one of the many visits!! :-) The pediatrician I have picked out is on the corner of Nimmo and Genderal Booth- right by the rec center/ libary- I cant remember the name right now!! :-)
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