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Hey there - just saw your post about your LO - sorry to hear he's got pneumonia, too :(

We took Will to the dr. yesterday, and got that diagnosis after she heard the symptoms and listened to his breathing.  She prescribed amoxicillin and told us to be sure to use his nebulizer (with albuterol) at least twice a day.  He already had that because of wheezing he's had before.

He's had the meds now for about 36 hours, and seems to be feeling better.  Appetite isn't TOTALLY back to normal, and there's still some lingering diarrhea (yuck!), but the coughing isn't as bad, and he's back to playing etc.

We didn't get any advice on percussive treatment...but yeah, I wouldn't see that happening with my little dude, either!

Good luck - hope your LO feels better soon!!

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Re: **SpeedGlenn**

  • Hey!

    Sorry you're dealing with this too!  They gave Ben two shots of Rocephin(?) on Monday, and another two shots on Tuesday.  He's already a thousand times better.  We still have to do 10days of the Amox. too. Ben, thankfully didn't need to do the nebulizer.  Having the shots made an ENORMOUS difference.  He woke up back to us bratty self yesterday morning :).  He started to get wimpy late in the day yesterday, but I think today will be a much better day.

    The percussion treatment was just something I saw in my googles.  Unless the doc actually recommended it, I was going to skip it.  I just can't imagine having to do that.  He's too ornery.

    I hope your guy feels better soon.  Darn kids!!!

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