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Where did you get your nursery chandelier?

I'm trying to convince DH that we should get a chandelier for the nursery.  Where did you find yours?  I found one at PB kids that I like but want to check around.



Re: Where did you get your nursery chandelier?

  • Great post! Would love to see the answers ;)
  • I got the Ella Chandelier from PBK (see picture below in "shabby chic" post).  I debated about doing a chandelier, but am SO happy we decided to do it.  It really makes a difference in the room!
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  • I noticed a lot of people gettting one particular chandelier from IKEA. It's cute and cheap!

  • Don't have one, but PBK has a few on clearance and the PB Teen has a bunch that would work as well that are on sale.
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  • I don't have it yet (comes tomorrow), but we ordered one from Restoration Hardware Baby. I hope it's pretty!
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  • I want the Mia chandelier from PBK. Does anyone know how difficult these are to install?


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  • I got mine at lowes.

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  • I collect vintage/antique chandlers so when I was pregnant with DS and with this one, I went antiquing.
  • We got ours from a local boutique, but they also ship nationwide.  They have a great selection.



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  • I got mine at a local boutique, but the brand is Jubilee Collection...super cute stuff!
  • At a local vintage/shabby chic store
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