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BOB question...and other strollers...

BOB Revolution or Sport Utility Dualie? I might want to jog with it, but I definitely want to do the trails at the Chattahoochee, zoo, neighborhood walks etc. Which do you recommend?

I almost bought the Baby Jogger City Select, but now I am not sure that it is off roady enough... considering the Bumbleride Indy Twin too...any advice? The other issue is that Easton is not a huge fan of the stroller, he wants to RUN everywhere, but with the weather getting nice, we are limited as to what we can do if I can't strap him in. HELP!

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Re: BOB question...and other strollers...

  • I believe the Bob Sport Utility has a fixed front wheel, so I think the Revolution might be a better choice for everything you listed.   I just got mine though, so others who've had theirs longer may know more. 
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  • Go with the Revolution. It's always good to have the swivel option.
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  • third for the Revolution.  I had the single and loved it.  I wish I hadn't sold it.  The tires ROCK and it's great for the beach and the hills in Atlanta.


  • Let me preface this by saying I am not a runner or a jogger...but I am strongly considering the Bumbleride Indie Twin, I haven't bought it yet though.  The 2009s are on sale now at several places and I liked the size of it over the Bob for folding and fitting in my trunk.  Also, FYI the front wheels can swivel or can be locked forward facing.  Good luck with your decision, I too am worried about spending all this money on the stroller when she wants to walk or run and not be strapped in, but If I ever attempt to go on walks or long trips, etc. I have to be able to strap them both in.
  • We have the BOB revolution and will be selling it to get the dualie. I love my revolution. I went with a group of friends and little ones to the Zoo last wednesday. We looked the representative of BOB revolution. We had every color, single, and dualie within our group. It was quite funny.

     I really have not heard people really in love with their Indie esp if they are doing any type of running/jogging or even long walks. My friend had the single Indie and hated it. She sold it for the BOB revolution.

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  • We have the BOB revolution and love it!
  • I know this isn't even in the question...but I love my Phil and Teds.. lol. 
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