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swallow study progress!

Ok, I know this is a baby step, but DS had his 3rd swallow study today and although he still aspirated thin liquids, we get to move from honey consistency to nectar!

I'm a little nervous about the switch, even though he did great with nectar consistency at the exam. He silently aspirates so I know I'll be watching him like a hawk when we switch tomorrow (have to get different nipples/bottles tonight). 

And a question - has anyone's LO done VitalStim Therapy? It was recommended as DS has failed his 3rd swallow study...I'm going to discuss with his pedi before deciding anything, but I'm curious if others have found it helpful/worth the therapy.


Re: swallow study progress!

  • That's great! We've only had one SS but I *dreaded* it and so progress is huge!!! 

    I don't know anything about VitaStim, sorry! 

  • DS failed his first one and I was DEVASTATED!!  So, I totally understand that small victories feel AMAZING!  GL with your future SS!  I don't know anything about VitaStim either, sorry!  
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