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tech savy people...

Do you know if there is a way to make a book out of facebook post?

My friend's sister has suffered the unthinkable--her (sister of friend) husband and son were both killed in a car crash.

This has been devasting for the family--I was thinking with all the messages on the husband's page it would make for a guest book (like they have you sign when you go to a funeral).  If you are reading this say a prayer for them to have the strength they need to heal.  TIA

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  • Wow, what a sad story.  That truly is unthinkable.  I saw in the article that she has a daughter.  I know their lives will never be the same, but I'm glad they have each other and are not completely alone.  I will be praying for them!

    As to your question, there is a Facebook application called GroupBook that may do what you're looking for.  I haven't used it, but maybe something like that will work.

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  • I looked for that app and didn't see it.  Do you have a link?  Thanks so much.

    yes their is a daughter.  Basically they lost half their family.  blech makes me so sick.

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