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Gender Neutral? WDYT?

I love this bedding. We are adopting and haven't been matched yet so we are doing a gender neutral nursery for now and will add more girly/boyish touches later. This is just one I have found that I like. Could this work for a girl too? Thanks|62644|62645|62728


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Re: Gender Neutral? WDYT?

  • absolutely, no doubt about it. adorable set too!
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    It screams boy to me.
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  • Sure.  After putting a green and yellow polka dot onsie on DS when he was little (and thinking it looked strange), I think polka dots can be more feminine--I don't think it screams boy.
  • I think it is.
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  • yeah, that would definitely work for a girl, imo.
  • very cute I think that is perfect it could really go for a boy or a girl!!
  • Definitely neutral!  I like it ^_^
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  • Defintely could work for a girl.  I love it.
  • I think it would be nice for either a girl or boy.  GL with your adoption process.
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