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RP: My little girl's blue and pink nursery (hope it works)

The inspiration was crib bedding from Target's simply shabby chic line.  Furniture is JcPenneys, glider is from Newco, drapes are from Target, and poms were ordered from an Etsy seller.  Tip:  the glider is carried at both JcPenney's and Walmart.  It's about 30% more expensive at Penney's and the shipping would have cost around $200.  I got mine from Walmart--free shipping to the store, it arrived in 1 week, and it cost a lot less! 


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Re: RP: My little girl's blue and pink nursery (hope it works)

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    It is beautiful!  And, I love the glider - I'm off to walmart.com to look at what they have!!!
  • I love it!  I considered that bedding if we had a girl... it looks so cute!

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  • Which glider from JcPenny did you purchase at Walmart? I've been looking at a Newco glider from JcPenny, but when I search for Newco on Walmart, it doesn't pull anything up. The shipping cost from JcPenny are killing me in making my decision about a glider.


    ETA: Nevermind, I found it. :)

  • We are doing the same look for our nursery as well! At the last minute I switched to an espresso crib to make it more eclectic with our white change table but we have the same shabby chic bedding and blue walls. I was waiting to purchase a glider but I love yours! Good to know that walmart can ship to store and its cheaper than penney! Great job it looks so beautiful and makes me excited to pull mine all together! 
  • and that is exactly what i want to decorate our nursery like.. thanks so much for the pictures... i only hope that glider can fit in our small room. Is it really big? we already have the walls that same baby blue.. now it all depends if it's a boy or a girl.. that was my plan for the girl.. and that's all i have been thinking about. If it's a boy, i have no idea yet. 

    It looks really great!  

  • aw, its so lovely!! great color palette. and that chair is really cool, thanks for the tip about walmart:)
  • Love it! Our walls are the same blue. I love pink and blue together.
  • Gorgeous !!!! I love every detail !!!

  • I am ordering that exact glider do you love it does it seam to be good quality I havent seen it in person!!!! I love your room looks alot like my baby girls room except we are doing pink and green!!
  • It's beautiful!

    I have the same bedding and cute Sweet Dreams pillow! Where did you get the longer bed skirt that you put underneath the candy stripped one? That's exactly what I was talking about doing with my mom?!


    Excited for Baby #2!

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  • Very pretty!
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  • So beautiful! Where did you get the rug?
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  • It's beautiful! You have done a fabulous job!
  • Beatiful! Your forcing me to get started. I love it!
  • Love it! Thanks for sharing!!
  • Adorable! Do you mind sharing who the Etsy seller was? I would love some similar pom poms in a cream color.
  • Our nurseries look so similar, I love it! We just had the furniture delivered yesterday and I have that same bedding. I still haven't ordered our glider, I have been looking for a better deal, so thanks for posting this!


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  • Beautiful nursery!  I love how soft it looks.
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