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Purple bedding HELP

Hello ladies!!

Baby's nursery walls are a light purple and we are not painting the room (it was DD's playroom prior to BFP).

Soooooo, can anyone recommend places where they have seen cute purple bedding? It doesn't have to be all purple. I'd actually prefer it to be other colors and accented with purples.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. DD's nursery bedding was from BRU and I just haven't seen anything there that I am nuts about.

 Thank you!!

Re: Purple bedding HELP

  • http://GlennaJean.thebabybedding.com/LuLuBabyCribBedding.php

     Im not sure of the actual colors - this might be more bluish....but its so cute!!! 

  • I found these two sets on Diapers.com. This is where I ordered our nursery bedding from and paid no shipping plus when I received the bedding I got a 10% off coupon for future purchases on diapers!!! The bedding was here in 3 days!! Anyway here they are!!!




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  • I just found some super cute purple bedding for a friend yesteday! Target, under the baby section, girl bedding by Migi, there are two there that are super cute!
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  • Here's a link to another post. I found quite a few purple bedding sets.


  • Land of Nod.

    I'm a purple freak, but couldn't find purple bedding that I liked for the girls.  Land of Nod came out with this after I selected my bedding!

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  • Pottery Barn Kids had a cute one.  Purple with green I think.
  • I agree with you on the difficulty in finding purple bedding - we already had a purple room that was just painted before learning of getting pregnant.  I was looking for something that wasn't too girly that would match and decided to go with is from Pottery Barn Kids - the Katie in purple.  It has white and green in it too. 


  • Cocola Sugar Plum is what we have we did a pink and purple room and it looks really good with a lavender purple.
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