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Small Business Directory Website/Blog- update

So sorry I have slacked on this for so long. I could say a bunch of stuff about how crazy it's been, but you all are busy too, so I know you understand.

Anyhow, if those interested in being listed in the directory would be so kind as to email me at [email protected] I would appreciate it. I know many have contacted me already but with emails, FB emails and posts here to keep track of I really want everything in one central place so I don't miss anyone. Also when you send your email to [email protected] please indicate the how you would categorize your business: ie childrens accesories, bakery, photography etc. I will list you in up to 3 categories.

Thanks and I'll still do my best to go through my old email and posts to find everyone who is interested.

The blog is at [email protected]

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