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F/U to DS's blood work.

I got results back about DS's blood work that the Stroke Team ordered.... Here is the back story:

DS was a c-section baby. I wasnt progressing and the epidural was making his heart rate drop. That night the nurses took him to keep him at the nurses station because he was mucusy. He then went "shades of gray" and landed in the NICU for 5 days. They ran a wack of tests which all came back normal so he was released. Because he was in the NICU we had to follow up with the clinic after. At 6 months they noticed he was right handed -babes arent supose to have a preference til they start kindergarden. From there we went to a child developement place that checked out his developement at 15 months, it was a 3 hour appointment and they noticed that his only problem was with his left thumb muscle. From there they sent us to get an MRI. That showed a tiny stroke at some point but they couldnt pin point becasue he was 18 months old and it wasn't that recent. Then we were sent to the Stroke Team at the hospital. They think that when he went "shades of gray" the night he was born that he had a stroke then. They sent him for bloodwork to make sure everything was a-okay with his blood. 8 vials of blood later.... He had something wrong with his prothrombin gene but only half of it (so he got it from me or X not both) and the LAC test came back negative... But the LAC is only a problem if it comes back negative 3 times so we are repeating that one and I'm waiting on those results. The contact I have at the hospital really couldnt explain anything to me, if there was anything I could do to improve it, anything I should do to watch it... So I was still confused.... LUCKLY my Uncle works out at the lab at a different Sick Kids hospital. I met with him over the weekend and he didn't know what it ment because there wasnt enough info there on the reports I had. He took it back with him to work yesterday to look into it and ask his co-worker. I got the call last night from him and he said "Everything is fine. Let him be a kid!" He did recommend that when he is older to re-check the levels just to make sure everything is still fine, but for now put it out of mind! Phew!

Re: F/U to DS's blood work.

  • Yay! I'm glad DS is okay and you don't have to worry :o)
  • What a relief!  I hear you about the whole testing thing.  Jack has a chromosonal anomoly and I find myself questioning everything he does (or doesn't do).  I'll bet you feel like you can finally exhale! Yes
  • Yay!  Glad to hear he is ok!

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