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Eek!!! Full term today!

Now let's just all hope that she waits to come after the lady comes to clean our house on the 14th, lol!! I was telling a friend that the last dew weeks of pregnancy feel like you are getting ready to take the biggest trip of your life bit you have no idea when you are leaving!

Re: Eek!!! Full term today!

  • I know what you mean! Cleaning people is doing a deep cleaning this morning at our house.
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  • YAY! so exciting!

    The trip analogy is a great way to describe those last few weeks!

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  • YAY!! I canceled our cleaning appointments until after Caleb is due so hopefully me cleaning will get the labor process going. haha
  • Congrats!  I hope you make it to the 14th!  ;)
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  • How exciting! I remember 37 weeks was about the time it all started really sinking in to me that I would have a baby soon. She will be here before you know it!
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