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VENT: first birthday menu

Ok.. so, my mother and grandmother are driving me crazy when it comes to K's birthday party menu. The party is from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday, so I know we won't need a ton of food. But, I want to have some light finger foods... similar to what is available at a shower.

What I've planned:

chicken salad croissants

bowl of mixed fruit

spinach dip and crackers

miniature pb & j or pimento cheese sandwiches (cut out in shapes of bunnies... primarily so the kids have something to nibble on)

chex mix


 I don't feel like this is going overboard. Basically, if people want to snack, then they can. Well, my mom and grandmother keep hounding telling me that I don't need to have any food other than a bowl of mixed nuts and the cake itself. My grandmother wants me to use the chicken salad croissants for the family to have for lunch BEFORE the party. I'm more of the thought that people are on their own for lunch before the party, if they want to eat beforehand, that is fine, but if they don't, there will be some food there.

I told my mom that I would think it was strange if I went to a party and all they had was nuts and cake.

What do yall think? Am I going overboard here?

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Re: VENT: first birthday menu

  • I agree with you.  I always err on the side of having too much food though.  DD's party was 1-3ish and I did honey baked ham sandwiches, chips, chicken nuggets, cheese, veggies, fruit, hummus, carmel dip, chocolate covered pretzels and a spinach dip - oh and cake and ice cream.  It was WAY too much food but I didn't know how much people would eat at 1pm.  Given that your party is at 2 it seems like what you have planned is perfect.  I'm sure you will have leftovers but at least your guests have options.


  • I think your menu sounds good!
  • I think your menu looks fine.  I think a 2:00 party lets people know that there won't be a full meal served.
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    I think your menu sounds good!

    I agree, your menu sounds great!  "Light snacks" are great for that time period.

  • We had finger sandwiches and snacks for people at K's first birthday.  Yeah it's from 2-4 but people will always want to nibble.  AND what if you have people who aren't a fan of cake?  I think they'd enjoy the light snacks you have listed.  I think your menu sounds great and not overboard at all.
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    I think your menu sounds good!

    I agree. 



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  • I like your menu...go for it...PJ is only 2 weeks old but I'm already getting tired of the "advice" I'm getting from what you feel you need to.
  • I don't think you're going overboard.  Will you probably have more food than you need??  Yes.  Does it matter?? No - as long as it doesn't stress you out.  It's your child's party and you are planning it....  If your mom is like mine, she always thinks my sis and I go overboard with food, but I'd always rather have too much than not enough!
  • Everything sounds perfect the way you've planned it. 

    Coming from a similar situation, is it possible your mom and grandmother just don't want to have to feed the family before the party?  I had planned a picnic for my bridesmaids the day of my wedding to be sure everyone was happy and fed before getting dolled up.  My mother "misunderstood" and brought all of my out of town family!  Fortunately I had overplanned the food.

  • I think your menu sounds good...I'm like you..if I went to a 2pm party and all there was was cake and nuts I'd think it was a bit strange. 
  • I agree with your. Keep in our moms era they only served nuts, mints, punch, and cake at their weddings! I can remember only having cake and ice cream at my early birthday parties. People just didn't go all out back then.

    Try not to let them stress you out (I know...easier said than done!). And just think of how lucky you are that its going to be 80 degrees saturday!!!!! lol..when I saw the forecast...I told dh you must've prayed hard! :o)

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    I think your menu sounds good!

    I agree, your menu sounds great!  "Light snacks" are great for that time period.

    I think you are spot on!

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