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Had my NT Scan yesterday

Everything looks great and it made this so much more real. Just like big brother, his hands were on his face or around his face the whole time and got the hiccups just like Bailey did at the NT scan.

My peri walked in and was like back so soon. He did give me hope that since I went full term  and had to have a c-section with Bailey that he doesn't predict this pg to have problems. He also said if I do start having problems he said they would probably handle things a little differently since I did go full term with Bailey. That makes me feel a little better.

 Oh and he asked if we wanted an educated guess. So Adam and I looked at the screen and both said boy. Peri said yay he'd bet its a boy even through its early. He said he usually doesn't guess but our boy or so we think had a very strong looking penis. I'm actually really really excited about having another boy. If it is a boy, his name will be James Bryce and he'll go by Bryce. I know middle name again but Bryce James doesn't go as well and dh doesn't really want his initials to be BJ.

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Re: Had my NT Scan yesterday

  • Wow! Congrats on good news!
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  • That is great news!  Congrats on having BROTHERS!!  They will have so much fun growing up together.  I am sensitive about initials, too, as my initials were MF (first, last) and I always hated it so I never initialed anything like that, I used MAF.  There were like four or five other people in my class at school with the same initials so at least it wasn't just me.  Love James Bryce, though!  I will say this, I have known several BJs in my life (that went by BJ) and yeah, people ribbed them a little but it got old fast.  And of course the BJs always had thicker skin than most, which is a good thing!
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  • Congrats!  I actually think two boys would be awesome, too.  There's just something I love about seeing brothers together.

    Oh, and my son's initials are BJ... we almost tried to think of another name because we didn't want him to be called BJ, but we were stuck on the names we chose and decided it's not really a big deal.  I actually have a friend whose brother goes by BJ and it doesn't seem to bother him.  Either way, I love James Bryce or Bryce James! 

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  • sounds like a great visit :)  congrats!
  • Woohoo! Congratulations on another healthy baby! So glad to hear your news.
  • congrats!! so exciting!
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  • yay!  congrats!
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  • Congratulations. I love the name Bryce!
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  • yay for a great visit!  I was hoping when I saw NT that the Dr. was able to get a feel for the sex.  My friend knew at hers with twins, but I didn't get to know until 16 weeks. 

    Love the name!

  • Yay!  Congratulations again.  I'm so glad things looked good.
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