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Which BOB do you have?

I am trying to decide which BOB stroller to buy.  I am a runner and want one that will last and be good for some longer runs and since its almost $400 I want one that can also be used as a regular stroller (with the car seat adaptor) . 

Seems to me like the BOB Revolution is more for walking.  Am I right?  Or would it last for running 3-4 times a week? 


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Re: Which BOB do you have?

  • I use mine for running 5 miles 3-4 times a week and have no problems. I love it so much infact I just bought the dualie. My Ds is still too small to take running but I'm hoping to like it just as much as the single.
  • You can lock the wheels on the Revolution and it runs great.....in fact, at my last 5K in November, I saw tons of BOB Revolutions being pushed by fast runners.  ;)  The Ironman is the one that's strictly for running.....it's a little cheaper and you can always find them on Craigslist. 
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  • I have the BOB Revolution with the smaller wheels. I have heard the the larger wheels are better if you are running. We mostly use ours for walks.
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  • FYI, if you are an REI member (and it cost only $20 to join lifelong), BOB strollers are 20% off now.

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  • ctanactana member

    If it's going to be your only / primary stroller I'd suggest the Revolution w/the larger wheels. Lock the front wheel and viola - you're fine for running, even longer distances.

    I have the Bob Sport Utility D'Lux and the front wheel does not swivel.  http://www.amazon.com/BOB-Sport-Utility-Stroller-Pacific/dp/B000N262MK/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=baby-products&qid=1269953877&sr=8-3

    This is not my primary stroller, so for shorter runs and walks around the neighborhood the full time locked front wheel is kind of a pain, but we make do. We do have the infant adaptor so we were able to use this around the neighborhood from the very beginning w/our DS for extended walks.  We love our BOB! 

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