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Can you use the Up&Up (target) liners w/ the platex drop-ins? I just bought a drop-ins starter kit to try out w/ DDs and both seem to do well with them.

Also, sorry if a dumb Q, but do you premix your formula before putting into the liners or do you mix directly?

I'm traveling soon w/ DDs and want to have as little hassle as poss. with bottles!


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Re: Drop-Ins Users

  • Never tried the target brand drop ins (though I bet they work) so can;t help with that but as for mixing the formula I always mixed in directly in the bottle. Start with the water first (hard to measure exactly if powder already in there) then add scoops, then put lid on and shake!!

    When I traveled I would bring the bottles with the water already in them and then have pre-measured powder in those nifty plastic formula containers you can get. Then just added and mixed whenever he needed one.

  • We use the 4oz. Target liners and they work just fine.  My girlfriend said that when you move to the 8oz bottles that they playtex 8-10oz liners work better for mixing in the bottle since the Target brand are just 8oz, so they get really full.

    We mix in the bottles.  I have a formula pitcher but just haven't used it yet.  It's just as easy for us to just mix in the bottles, especially if you're going out and can just pop the powder in the bottles, cap and have a bottle of water to mix bottles when you need them.

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  • I use the walmart brand liners - used to use the 4oz and now use the 8oz.  No problems here. 


  • I've used both sizes of the target brand and they work great.  I buy ready to feed liquid formula so I have never tried mixing in the 8oz.
  • we used the up&ups with our drop-in bottles .... we usually use the expandable (10oz) drop-ins only because we USE to have to mix cereal in the bottles and using the 8oz ones would cause an overflow in trying to prepare.  But yes, they work the same and are no different if you don't have to mix cereal in
  • I used them w/ DS,  and bought every off brand liner out there with no problems. I always mixed  the days worth of formula and stored it in  the fridge first thing in the morning. DS always preferred his bottles cold tho. He still does not like his milk warmed EVER!
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