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I may throw up any minute now. GROSSED OUT!

UGH! So week before last, I met our neighbor. She told me how they had a problem with what she called "tree rats" last year (or the year before). Had to get their house sealed. I have had the heebie-jeebies since she told me about their experience. I had never heard of tree rats before, and I kind of wondered if she meant squirrels. So last week, in the middle of the night, DH and I hear something running around above our bedroom. It was hard to tell if it was on the roof or in the attic. He goes up in the attic the next day and finds some droppings. GROSS! I keep hoping it is just squirrels because, well, squirrels seem better than rats. (SICK!)

So today is when the exterminator people could come. The guy left a little while ago, and he said it is RATS--called them roof rats (also called tree rats). He also said the appointment just before ours was with someone else in our area with the same problem. They are going to seal off the attic to a tune of $1300. UGH. I am so grossed out, I could vomit any minute. 

When can I move back to our condo?

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Re: I may throw up any minute now. GROSSED OUT!

  • oh no! we have had a few rats in our basement crawlspace before. We had someone seal too and caught 1 in the process. Im thinking $1300 is way expensive though!
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  • GAH!  We had rats in our citrus trees when we lived in Orlando.  Nasty beasts. ::shudder::

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  • $1300 isn't that exorbitant. If your exterminator is having to do any repairs (holes chewed, etc.) to the roofline or anywhere else, the costs start going up. Not to mention, you're paying for them to lay traps and retrieve the animals caught. Sealing the attic is a big deal.

    We had to pay Tru-Tech to come rid our attic of squirrels and they charged us almost $400. Between the 2-3 trips the tech made to set traps and empty them and the couple patches he installed in our attic, the cost racked up. We couldn't afford to fix the real problems with our roof at the time.

    I'm so sorry this is happening. Rodents are no joke! Yuck.

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  • Ugh, I'm right there with you.  I think we have bats in our laundry room (it's in the back of our outdoor carport) and I've been on a laundry strike until someone comes out and gets rid of them.
  • Ugh, sorry you're having to deal with that!  Rats creep me out, too, but I lived in the country growing up so they were unfortunately way too common.  Anyway, good idea to get the roof sealed up because that can keep out the rats AND the squirrels - which a few people in my neighborhood now have had a problem with.  I'm guessing you won't be going into the attic any time soon either way, though!  ;)
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  • I got to "tree rats" and stopped reading :) 
  • We had this exact problem.  We used Any Pest and I highly recommend them.  We also had someone come out and replace all our insulation in the attic (our visitors had been there a while).
  • I'm grossed out reading this post! I hate rats and especially rat droppings! Ugh, I think I would definitely hand over the $1300 without a problem for them to get rid of them and seal off the house for any future rats. 
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  • Peace of mind is well worth $1300. 

    I swear sometimes being a home owner is highly over-rated.  We owned our condo up north, but I still called maintenance for the big stuff and never once dealt with a tree rat.    

    (I was adamant we buy a house with no trees near it.) 

  • EWWWW...  That does seem rather pricey.  We use Allgood and I was so happy to hear last visit no signs of life above our heads.   I haven't heard anything, but its so dark up in the attic I always wonder what is going on.
  • ewwwwwww.  heebie jeebies....I hate rats.  I knew someone who had one as a pet and it grossed me out so much.
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  • That is money well spent...no need to have those little buggers lurking around!

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  • Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!

    I'm so sorry! If that $1300 comes with a promise that those buggers are sealed out for good I would hand it over with a smile. It's lousy that they got in in the first place though :(

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  • Oh gross. Better than river rats which are the size of large cats. Yuck yuck. Hopefully they can seal them OUT
  • kepkep member

    Yes, I agree--it is well worth the money to get those things taken care of. I hate even thinking about it. I wish they could have gotten started today, but Friday was their first available appointment for sealing the attic. They said it would take most of the day to get it all done.They will come back and check their traps every week and the price includes a three-year guarantee. After three years, you can extend the warranty on an annual basis for $150.

     And I agree--home ownership IS overrated. We owned our condo but still had maintenance staff we could call for problems in our unit/building.

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  • Kristin - LMAO...

     Karen - our neighbor sealed up his place to the same tune.  :(  It's pricey.  Well because they can. Sucks!

  • i did say $1300 is pricey and its worth it OBVIOUSLY......but get another quote for the same service another company.
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  • We just had the same thing happen with squirrels or something in the attic. Our price was 1200. We went with 



    They .

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