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How do you pronounce Evelyn and Evie? 

Re: MLvK

  • Ev a lin and EEEEvie

    My whole family calls her (short e) Evie.   Like Evelyn minus the lyn and an ie.   Drives me nuts.    But that's ok, because MIL calls her Ava.   (????)   Nico's aunt in Vienna called to ask if we had another baby and who's this Ava that Christa keeps talking about.

    Anyhow, once at the pumpkin patch, I heard a family saying (short e) Evie.  I asked if it was short for anything and they said Evelyn.  They wanted her to be Eeeeevie, but everyone said Evie, so they went with that.   

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  • that's so weird.  I have always said EEEEvie in my head.  short e never entered my mind.
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  • I've always thought she has the prettiest name.  And fwiw I assumed right about how y'all say her name. 

    One of my bff's has a daughter named Caroline and her MIL puts Carolyn on all cards and even a bag she had made with her name on it. 

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