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Did you find the One Step Ahead anchors in a store anywhere or just purchase them online. Thanks for posting what happened last week. I am so glad she was ok but, it made us think about mounting and we honestly just hadn't thought about it. As awful as that sounds. 

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  • I did not see them at BRU or I think only online. :( But there are SO many things from the One Step Ahead magazine that I that is ok. :)

    All dinasaur TVs are leaving this weekend and being replaced with flat-screens. Hubby is happy. :) I NEVER thought about that happening...but now I am trying to look at everything around the house...if it can be pulled on, climbed on, pushed or torn...MY kids will find it! For real...if you need to know what is dangerous in your house...invite my children over...they will find it for you!

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  • That is awesome. Maybe we should have a play date. :) 
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