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Anyone use one or have any feedback on them?


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  • I used one with my son.  Right after I had him, they came out with the one that you can elevate the head (which would have been helpful because DS had reflux).  I liked it, I felt like the baby wasn't just floating around my bed and it kept him in place.  It can help you transition to a crib easier too - you just put the snugglenest inside the crib.
  • I had a hand-me-down one, and it was ok, but I slept much better with him in his crib because I had a Babysense movement monitor. But I used the Snugglenest a few times and it was nice to have the peace of mind that we couldn't roll over on him.

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  • I have a good friend that had her first baby in December and she loves hers. She really recommended that I get one. She puts it inside her bassinet, and also sent it with him when he stayed with his Grandparents for a couple of nights when she had a virus. Hers is the one with the incline because he has reflux, and it also has a night light and music I think. I registered for one since she recommended it, but I'll probably wait and see if I need it if I don't get it as a gift.

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