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Had one of those days yesterday.

I volunteered to help with spring pictures at the school yesterday. Everything was going great I was having so much fun posing the children and making sure they were smiling etc. The trio are in different classes, so I got to make sure each of their pictures turned out great. I had so much fun working with KR and KD then JM class came in. Lately I have been very optimistic with him as we have not see much of the Asberger in him.He has done so well in the recent past that yes I have to say a part of me was hoping the diagnosis was wrong. Then yesterday there it was plain as day. He was walking from taking his individual shot to taking his group class room shot and started flapping his hands, moving his head back and forth and talking in his sing song voice. I just stood there for about five minutes and watched him, watched him interact with the other children in his class, watching the way the other kids looked at him as he did this and it broke my heart. He of course had no idea and I would never let him know. No one treats him at home or in school as if he has needs. He is in an inclusion class and is doing great. It is just the small things I guess. And yesterday was a small things day for me. It was an ah-ha moment so to speak He is a bright boy, he is going to go far in life, but it will not be without struggles along the way.


I know I am rambling but I had to get this out and I knew you girls would understand.

Re: Had one of those days yesterday.

  • JM is so lucky to have you and his siblings! You are a wonderful mom, and you are fighting for him tooth and nail.

    I do not know what future holds for our kids, but I live for the 'good' days and try not to dwell on the days like you had.

    May I offer some virtual hugs? <<hugs>>

  • Lots of (((hugs))). Don't let one day of flapping discourage you when thinking about all the good things he has done in the past. Our children have ASD. They will make progress, have great days, do things to surprise the heck out of us, but they still have ASD, and some days it will emerge more than others. It doesn't go away. He will learn as he gets older how to cope, and you will be there for him as well!


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