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Waterproof mattress cover/pad for crib, need recomendations

I've looked online at Target and BRU and most of the reviews for these mattress covers aren't too good.  A lot of the reviews said they melt in the dryer or shrink funky or made the baby too hot.  I need to put something water resistant under the crib sheet, does anyone have suggestions?

Re: Waterproof mattress cover/pad for crib, need recomendations

  • I had the same issue - the first few that I looked at had terrible reviews. We ended up with the Carter's waterproof pad - of course we haven't used it yet, but it seems pretty good as far as quality.
  • I just ordered the naturepedic waterproof one. It is breathable but waterproof, and it had great reviews. I just used a waterproof carters pad with DS, but it was always tricky to get it to stay put when putting on the sheet without bubbling up. I wanted a fitted cover this time.

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  • We got the carters waterproof pad, and so far it seems great. Then again all we've done is take it out of the packaging and see how it fits on the mattress.


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  • Initially, I bought Carters, then read all the bad reviews about how the elastic snapped, melting, didn't fit after washing and returned them.

    I then did a lot of research and got the Colgate Wee a Way quilted, waterproof, fitted mattress pad.  Very high reviews, a little more money, but I thought worth it.

    We had to order it because it's not in BRU or BBB.



  • we have the Ultimate Crib Sheet.  It's goes over the regular sheet.  Trust me...you don't want to be dealing with changing the sheet at 3am when your baby has thrown up or something.  It snaps on and they're awesome.
  • I bought the 8.99 fitted Circo one from Target, and it totally melted in the dryer. I've decided to just stick with that one (but upgraded to the Circo 9.99 one) and am just going to dry it on the rack. A pain, but I didn't really see another option.
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