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Brown spotting turned to red =(

Hey ladies! I posted last Friday night that I had brown spotting and I was freaking out....had an u/s on Saturday...

Well everything was PERFECT! Great heartbeat, and he said the bleeding was just from my cervix, not the baby.So, I asked him if I had anymore spotting is it from the cervix? He said yes...

Ok so I've had brown spotting all week long, pretty much every time I use the restroom...well last night it turned a little red, red mixed with brown with some small clots...

I tried not to worry about it..I figured its from my cervix too...but today I had more red, more than last night, and some more thicker clots. It's not flowing and gushing out, but it's quite a bit on the toilet paper, not enough to touch my underwear though... (not cramping either btw)

I am 9w2d....has anyone experienced anything like this? Brown spotting, everything fine, then red...?  =( sorry I'm just so scared and worried, Dr. told me to come in tomorrow unless it gets worse tonight to go to ER.

Thanks so much! 

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Re: Brown spotting turned to red =(

  • I haven't experienced this, but I just want you to know that I'm thinking about you! I hope everything turns out to be okay. Good luck! Smile
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  • I would say, if it were me, I would probably go to the ER tonight. Because I just can't stand being in limbo. I hope this turns out to be nothing T&Ps to you. (((Hugs)))

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  • I'm so sorry you're dealing with this.  Unfortunately, it could be nothing or it could be the worst, and either way there's not much to do but wait.  Definitely get to the ER if you start having bad cramps or if you're filling a pad in an hour or less.  Good luck; I hope it stops and you get a great report from the doc tomorrow.  You and your LO are in my T&P.
  • Thanks girls....yeah I could go to ER, but I know theres nothing they can do except for an u/s..Im gna go to bed early and go to the office as soon as they open.
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  • I don't have experience with spotting turning red, but I will definitely keep you in my thoughts and prayers, StephieLM.
  • I was 9w when I had my m/c and when it happened, the clots were very large, golf ball sized. I didn't have bad cramps. But if you aren't needing a pad and the clots are small, there's still hope!

    I agree with PP that you should go to the ER. It's better to have the comfort of knowing if things are ok or not than worrying.

    Good luck!! 



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  • I had this experience and unfortunately it didn't end well for me.  Not to try and scare you, but wanted to let you know this is what I went through when I had my m/c.  Started out just brown spotting (very light) then became more red but really only when I went to the restroom.  I went in for a u/s at 9 weeks and saw our little one but no hearbeat :( 

    I'm thinking of you and hope all is well with you and it's a fluke thing.  {{HUGS}}

  • Thanks! Yeah small clots, and if i put a panty liner in, it wouldnt even get on the liner..

    I had an u/s one week ago and everything was great! so im just hoping its still the same...

    DH is a firefighter, he's working tonight..I'll be fine to wait til morning...

    Thanks for the kind words =) 

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  • I hope everything is okay! Unfortunately, for me the brown spotting turned red and it didn't turn out well for me. Some women have red blood and things continue to progress. It could be a SCH, or sometimes they can't find a reason for the bleeding. Let us know what happens. Good luck tomorrow! 
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  • My DH is a firefighter as well!  Sucks when stuff like this is going on and they aren't there when you wish they really were.  At least this board is here (helped me). 

    Keep us posted and updated.  T&P!

  • arath1! Thats funny he's a ff too! Last week when the brown spotting started he was on shift then too!!!!!! geez~! its always on the weekend, and when theyre working..

    watch i'll go into labor whenn hes working...,,if i make it that far! 

    I will let u guys know tomorrow morning how it goes! 


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  • imageStephieLM:
    Thanks girls....yeah I could go to ER, but I know theres nothing they can do except for an u/s..Im gna go to bed early and go to the office as soon as they open.

     I would pretty much do the same thing. Sending T&P your way tonight. Keep us updated!!!

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  • i hope everything is ok!


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  • Hope everything turns out okay!  Sending you T & P's!
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