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Chair Rail?

We are thinking of painting the nursery 2 colors, 1 neutral and the other pink and we wanted to install a chair rail.  Just curious if it will be difficult to install on our own. Any bumpies out there have good success with installing a chair rail? We are also open to other ideas of separating the paint colors. 


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  • It is easy if you have the right equipment.   Luckily DH and I did, and what we didn't have we borrowed from a neighbor. 

    There is lots of info online on how to install chair rail. 

    Here is what we used:

    1. A laser level set to the height we wanted

    2. A saw that cuts on the diagonal

    3. A nail compressor to shoot the nails at highpowered speed. 



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  • We're not DIYers, but we're lucky that a good friend of ours is a general contractor so he's going to put ours up for us.
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  • It's definitely not the EASIEST thing out there.  You will need to:
    1) set a level line around the room (use a laser level if possible but also follow up with a regualr level & ruler if you can; most likely the room isn't perfectly flat so you'll run into some issues lining up the walls!).
    2) cut the edges at angles so they fit together in the corners (miter saw is best).
    3) use a stud finder to locate the studs on all walls (mark them with tape or a pencil mark)
    4) use long finishing nails & hamper the chair rail to the wall (I don't recommend a nail gun, the force has the potential to crack the railing)
    5) fill in the nail marks with wood putty
    6) paint the railing to hide the nail holes

    DH did it for our nursery, as well as crown molding (even harder than the chair rail).  He had never done it before but he worked with his dad who has done it in the past.  You can also find a lot of info online & you can talk to people at Home Depot or Lowes for help.

    Even though DH wasn't always happy while working on the railing, he admits that he loves how it looks & the nursery is now his favorite room in the house!

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