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NWA Taste of Home Cooking School 3/28

Anyone going? My company sponsers it so I will be working the concession stand. I'll be the pregnant one, sitting down, collecting money. If anyone comes, be sure to stop by and say hi!

Re: NWA Taste of Home Cooking School 3/28

  • I will not be attending but I just had to say that your dog is too cute!  What kind is it?
  • Thanks! He's a Scottish Terrier. That's a vintage picture, he's about 2 years old now. He's basically our first baby. Smile
  • I thought so!  I have a scottie too.  His name is Baxter and he just turned 7 last week.  Here's a picture of him and I.  I actually have a wheaten scottie also.  They are the best dogs!


  • Awww he is so precious! He looks so distinguished. I can't wait until Finn gets older and looks all proud like that. I love the Wheatens too! We would love to get one.

    Can I ask, have you ever had issues with them having skin problems? Finn has eczema and food allergies. From what I understand skin problems are pretty common in Scotties, so I was just curious if you've ever dealt with that.

  • We've been lucky and haven't had any real health or skin issues. 
  • Good! I'm glad. Finn's are under control, but there for a while it was really rough! So I'm glad your furbabies don't have those issues.
  • I only today found out about it. Would've loved to go but have other plans. They are so much fun!
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