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? for CD-ers

Hi.  I don't live here, but I had a question for people that live in a big city, CD, and share washer/dryer with others in an apt. bldg or laundromat.

If you fall into that heading, do you have absorbency issues or repelling issues with your diapers because others use the same washer/dryer as you and use non-diaper friendly detergents/liquid fabric softener?

I ask because I heard that using another detergent and/or liquid softer in the same machine that you wash your cds in leaves residue on the drum and can cause issues for your diapers.  It occurred to me that there must be people that CD and don't have control over their washer...


Re: ? for CD-ers

  • I had to use a laundromat for a month after a dryer fire and I noticed no difference.  I set it for a larger load than what it was, hot and it was fine.  our laundromat has the big front loaders as well. just don't use much detergent is my advice.  and do an extra rinse, if an option. 
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