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Midwife in OKC? Help!

I'm starting to get a bit panicked about finding a midwife. I'm in Oklahoma City... I'm 19 1/2 weeks pregnant and I would like to do a home, water, hypnobirth! Does anyone know of any open-minded Midwives in the area who would be ideal for this kind of birth plan?

I do have an OB GYN who is doing my prenatal care at present, but he won't do home/water deliveries and I highly doubt he would be particularly encouraging for a natural/hypnobirth!

Any help appreciated! :)


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Re: Midwife in OKC? Help!

  • I don't think your gonna find any certified midwives willing to do that at home. OU Physicians has midwives that deliver at the hospital, the hospital has tubs that you can labor in.
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  • Check out the midwives in Norman. 

    Community Midwifery Services 447-9433

    My husband and I met with them and loved them, but didn't realize at the time that our insurance wouldn't cover them, so we ended up going with one of the midwives out of OU (which I love).  But you sound like you have a great idea of what you would like your birth to be, so I would definitely recommend giving them a call.  I have a friend who used them and did a home birth and loved it.  She also knows others who have used them too.  Have you taken the hypnobirthing classes?  I read the book with our first child, but couldn't afford the classes.  I think there is some very useful information in there and would have loved to have taken the classes.  Natural birth is wonderful, don't let anyone talk you out of it!  Our number three is due in May :)

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  • Thanks for the help! :)

    I am determined to have a natural birth and having a hypno/waterbirth is a very important part of that to me, so we've opted to do it at home and have chosen Heaven Sent Midwives. :)

    I won't be taking the classes, but I'm looking at doing the Hypnobabies Home Study Course as I've heard good things about it :)

    Congrats on number 3!! :D 


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  • We went to OU and they said that women aren't actually allowed to deliver in the tubs...they are allowed to labour in them, but will be encouraged to get out before baby is delivered. If they refuse then they can stay in, but they have to get out to deliver the placenta etc.... Doesn't sound like my idea of a relaxed birth, lol!

    If I end up getting transferred to hospital (hopefully we can avoid that!) then we'll probably end up at OU.


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  • Check out this website. A great detailed list of midwives and doulas in the area!

    Hope this helps!!


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