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TTC After a Loss

~*~*~Ladies in waiting*~*~*~

This is group designed for all the ladies in the various stages of waiting after a loss: waiting to miscarry, waiting for AF to arrive, waiting to TTC again, and waiting for BFP.


*Since this process is such a true test in patience, it is nice to have the support and friendship of other women going through similar experiences and emotions.  I have found my belief in God and Heaven above to be a huge comfort in dealing with my loss and waiting.  I will more that gladly try to help you find that same comfort, just PM me.


*If you would like to be added to the list please post current TTC status. There will be a daily question, a place for prayer requests and a daily inspirational verse.  Also, I purge this list every now and again, so if I?ve added you before but you don?t see your name now, just let me know!



Good afternoon ladies! 


Lets all hope that Clayli sees a nice line tomorrow to confirm her BFP!!!


GL to those testing this weekend, rjl07, noahbear, kndeckar, firefightersgal, Sonadora, beachcole, and me!!!  Lets send a whole wave over to PgAL


 YAY for betsy_griff kazpin, and Becka1208 who are both back to actively trying again!  Becka ? so glad to see things are working out for you and Tyler!!


God Bless!!!


Inspirational Verse

For everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith. Who is it that overcomes the world? Only he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God. (1 John 5:4-5)


Prayer Request/s: (new requests in red)

- The girls that are currently going through a loss.  Including the ones that are coming back from SAL L

- The girls on PL board that sadly join us daily..

- All the new BFP ladies ? that they have sticky babies and a H&H 9 months!

- Some of our graduates are getting very close to their EDDs.  Lets pray for their deliveries to go smoothly

- Clayli?s bff Brittany and all the other people and families involved in the University of Alabama ? Huntsville shooting tragedy


Question of the day:

What did you want to be when you ?grew up??  Did you?


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Ladies in waiting to Try again..
aksVA waiting on AF and greenlight
ashleyc42 waiting to ttc in June
BabyBeanm waiting to ttc
Bcn68 waiting for greenlight
~Bren~ One more cycle, then ttc
candlequeen waiting for AF
catemb waiting for AF then ttc
celestej619 Waiting to ttc in April
chance_encounters Dr appt 3-15 to determine when ttc
DoingItRight Wating till March/April to ttc
EmKoo0210 waiting till March to ttc
HeatherPB1020 waiting for AF
jesseandbri waiting for AF
jms2005 waiting till May to ttc
Johannaknip waiting for AF
jumagirl waiting for AF and further testing
june21br waiting to ttc in April
Klmorgan98 waiting to ttc in March
KristysRedBarn Waiting till May to ttc.  Waiting on MTHFR results
Lizla wating to ttc
Louisanamama Waiting for AF
lsugirljen waiting to AF then ttc
magdalina.h waiting to ttc in Aug
mandy6418 waiting to ttc in May
Meghan1017 waiting for AF
mgh2008 waiting to ttc in May
mjsbride06 waiting to TTC in December
Mocha girl waiting on AF
Mrs.EmmaLouise waiting to ttc in late March
nomadicprincess waiting for AF
nthomps612 waiting for AF
Roxyttandme waiting to ttc
Stacieann15 waiting for AF
swanck waiting to ttc in May / June
thePrincessPAT waiting for AF
Travers081906 (Tracy) waiting to graduate school and move
tradster2007 waiting for AF
uklawgirl waiting 2 cycles to ttc
vfilpo waiting to ttc in February
Ladies waiting to O
ACM1616 Moving to IVF
akminime Trigger + Prometrium
Dondraandluis (Dondra)  
Efoff33 1st Clomid cycle
Hbikes (Heidi)  
jdeats71 RE appt, then gonal-F + IUI
missnessita (Vanessa)  
tamhen1979 (Tammie)  
Travers081906 (Tracy)  
Ladies waiting for BFP?s (2ww)
Ade2be (April) Testing this weekend???
Babes12 (Melissa)  
BeachCole Testing this weekend
Clayliover Faint line already!?!
Court1 (Courtney)  
Firefightersgal Testing Friday
itsmevbk (Kelly)  
Joyous1106 Injectables / IUI
kndeckar Testing  around 3/19
kshields104 (Kim)  
maceymay1816 Clomid
Mlmtgg IUI
Momagain2009 IUI
noahbear Testing next week
PeetiePie (Mary)  
Rjl07 testing tomorrow
SOC (Candy)  
Sonadora (Megan)

natural m/c - 12/21/08 @ 7w5d
Dx with PCOS 6/23/09
500mg Metformin 100mg Clomid
Cycles 1-6of Clomid Met = BFN
HSG = normal. SA = low sperm count.
Cycle 7 = Clomid Trigger IUI (4/9) = BFP!!!! (4/28/10)
1st beta (4/28 @19dpo) = 479!
B/G TWINS born 8-18-11

~And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love~
1 Corinthians 13:13

Re: ~*~*~Ladies in waiting*~*~*~

  • I'm gonna test tomorrow with rlj07.  I'll be 10dpo....so hoping for a BFP.

    QOTD:  I wanted to be an astronaut when I was in like 5th grade.  LOL.  Obviously that didn't work out for me :)


    natural m/c - 12/21/08 @ 7w5d
    Dx with PCOS 6/23/09
    500mg Metformin 100mg Clomid
    Cycles 1-6of Clomid Met = BFN
    HSG = normal. SA = low sperm count.
    Cycle 7 = Clomid Trigger IUI (4/9) = BFP!!!! (4/28/10)
    1st beta (4/28 @19dpo) = 479!
    B/G TWINS born 8-18-11

    ~And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love~
    1 Corinthians 13:13
  • I wanted to be an author. Still do.
  • image ade2be:

    I'm gonna test tomorrow with rlj07.  I'll be 10dpo....so hoping for a BFP.

    Good luck to you both!  And the other ladies testing tomorrow!!!

  • Good luck to the testers....I really hope I still have a reason to test this weekend! :)


    I wanted to be a pediatrician....I'm a lawyer.

    BFP #1 9/23/09. Missed MC 10w3d D&C 11/3/09.

    BFP #2 4/13/10. Bridget born 12/28/10

    BFP #3 Finn born 8/11/15



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  • I'm waiting on greenlight from doc following HSG.

    I wanted to be a storm chaser (like on Twister) when I was younger. I am now an accountant...sigh! :)

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  • I wanted to be a travel writer/photographer.

    I do travel and take pics but don't get paid......and I don't think anyone would buy anything I've written.  except my family and really, really good friends.

  • Testing Monday at the latest...praying for a bfp! I wanted to own my own business. I'm not even close to being there.
    Pregnancy Ticker dx Hypothyroidism 11/08 BFP #1 10.12.09, Missed m/c at 11 wks 3 days measuring 9 wks, no hb D&C 12.01.09 BFP #2 11.22.11...Summer Elizabeth Born 11.29.11! Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers
  • Testing with April tomorrow at 10dpiui and praying it's not too early.

    QOTD:  In one of those books about me that you fill out when you are 6 I said I wanted to be a Mathmetician - but that's when math was easy.  I changed my mind pretty quick once I hit the algebra stuff.


    TTCAL Buddy to Sonadora (BFP!) & Triple_Sevens (BFP!)
  • Still waiting to O.

    QOTD: I wanted to be either an emergency surgeon, a model, or singer. I'm none of those. I did go to surgical technology school though, so that is as far as I have gotten to any of them, lol.

    TTC Since Oct 08 BFP #1- 1/23/09, missed m/c 2/26/09 BFP #2- 9/8/09, natural m/c 9/16/09 BFP #3- 4/13/10, missed m/c 5/26/10 BFP #4- 4/6/11 beta#1 at 12dpo-133 prog-55.7, beta#2 at 16dpo- 861 DD born 12/8/2011 BFP#5- 11/23/12 EDD 7/25/13 Dx- Uterine septum (removed Aug 2010), endo, MTHFR C677t hetero, Factor II hetero, Low Protein S Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • Hey there, I just noticed that I'm still on the recent graduates list. Can you remove me and add me to the waiting to O list?

    Thanks. :)

  • i really dont think i ever had anything in mind i wanted to be, i still didn't even when i went to college.  Embarrassed  luckily i graduated in kinesiology and went the clinical root.  now i'm a QC specialist for clinical research and really like it. 

    GL to all the testers!!!!! 

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic 8.15.07 NATHAN 6.13.09 - 6.14.09 WYATT born 32w3d Gone too soon, RIP. 4.21.10 BFP - missed m/c - D&C on 5.27.10. 1.31.11 BFP - 1st cycle IUI + Follistim + Trigger (2 mature follies)Beta 1 @ 13dpiui: 199 Beta 2 @ 15dpiui: 527 10.7.11 ELIANA(Ellie)ROSE (39w3d)Team Green turned Team Pink - VBAC & ALL NATURAL 6lbs 11oz 19 &1/2in
  • I'm testing tomorrow too!

    ~An angel wrote in the book of life, my baby's date of birth. Then whispered as she closed the book "too beautiful for earth."~

    After a 2nd tri m/c due to IC, infertility, a 1st tri natural m/c, 3 IUI's, and 2 surgeries, our miracle is finally here!
  • I wanted to work at Sea World as Shamu's trainer. As it turns out, I'm not the strongest swimmer, so this would have never worked out for me - LOL!


    I am no longer waiting on AF, she has arrived! It's game on now!

    D&E at 16 weeks ~ D&C at 10 weeks ~ D&C at 10 weeks
  • QOTD: I never really wanted to be anything when I grew up except to be a mom. Yes, I'm a mom, but because of my experience I think that I want to become a lactation consultant.  I want to spread the word of milk donation for grieving mom's if their milk comes in.
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  • Officially in the 2ww! Planning to test on Sunday, March 28th if no AF.

    QOTD: I wanted to be a Disney animator.  I was heartbroken when I discovered that I have no artistic talent. 

    BFP#1 10/19/09, m/c 12/5/09, BFP#2 2/03/12, m/c 2/12/12, BFP#3 3/18/13, LO born 11/22/13

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  • I'm testing tomorrow morning!  I might be hallucinating, but my boobs seem a bit firmer today.  They've been tender since about my O'date, but they were that way last cycle, too.  Only time will tell.  I may just be dreaming.

    QOTD: I wanted to be a vet, but always kind of felt a desire to be a teacher.  I'm a substitute teacher, working toward my degree in biology in secondary education. 

  • I am waiting to see if I will "O" this cycle, but we are back in the TTC game full force (provided my body wants to play along)

    QOTD: When I was little I wanted to be a veterinarian. This is not what I do now.  I work at a college and advise students on classes and such.

  • What did you want to be when you ?grew up??  Did you?

    I seriously wanted to be everything when I was little. I had it all planned out that I'd do a different job every day (with the exception of wrestlin-- I knew for sure I didn't want to do that! lol) Which is probably why I don't have any idea what I want to "be" career wise. I want to be SAHM and I've thought about taking some photography classes and maybe doing that on the side one day.


    TTC with stage IV endometriosis since 8-09~BFP 1-9-10 natural m/c 1-16-10 at 5w5d

    BFP#2 6-14-10-Logan Allen born 2-26-11

    Forever Buddy to ksyknelvr73--Welcome to the world baby Noah!

    Celeste's 101 in 1001
  • I was suppose to wait to TTC in April.....but it looks like I may O right at the end of march.....so I'm just going for it!!!

     I wanted to be a teacher......I am a college advisor now. 

  • I forgot to add that I will be going in for IUI # 3 tomorrow morning!

  • Still in the 2ww and am hoping that I can hold off testing until next Thursday, which is one day after AF is due and should be 13DPO.  BUT, with the weekend coming up and plenty of time on my hands I may just have to pee on something Sunday morning at 9DPO!

    QOTD:  True story -- I always wanted to be a TV news anchorperson.  I even went to college with communications as my "proposed" major.  The day of registration I went to the communications table and the wait was over 3 hours long to register.  I was ready to just get the hell registered, so I found the shortest line, which was Sociology and majored in that with a minor in Criminal Justice.  Went to law school after that.  

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  • I am in the 2ww hopefully getting a BFP at the end of the month!!!

    What did you want to be when you ?grew up??  Did you?

    I wanted to be a pediatric oncologist....Not even close.  I am a loan officer.


    Lilypie Premature Baby tickers IVF #1 BFP Beta #1 528 & Beta #2 1514
  • I am not so patiently waiting for AF.

    I wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse  :)

      Rylan 1/27/2011, 2:42 pm, 5lbs 12oz, 18.5 inches long
     Ayla 10/02/2013, 10:14 am, 6lbs 14oz, 19.25 inches long
    Missed Miscarriage 6w3d 3/02/2010
    I'll hold you in my heart until I hold you in heaven

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  • QOTD: I wanted to be a veterinarian when I was little. I love dogs and cats, but reptiles give me the heebie-jeebies and I don't handle blood or needles very well. That dream was obviously ill-fated.
  • I'll be starting my slew of POAS on Monday. I have no idea what DPO it will be since I have no idea about my cycle this month but thought it would be a good day to start testing. :)

    Once I hit HS I wanted to be an ortho surgeon.

    BFP 4/24/2010, EDD 1/1/11?
    m/c 1/22/2010
    Cycle buddy to michrocc, trendymom, theprincessPAT, and uklawgirl;
  • I'm sorry I'm so late to this, I have had very little time for bumping lately. :(

    I'm on to the newest cycle with a BFN last Sunday and CD1 on Monday.  I'm handling this worse than usual. :(

    QOTD: I first wanted to be a teacher, then an opera singer, then a rancher, then a CIA agent, then a translator/linguist, then a teacher again.  I ended up as a nurse. ;)

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