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Hi, I just found this board. I noticed some Stafford, Spotsy, Fredericksburg mom-to-be's from back in January. Anyone else on board in the area?



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  • Hello!  I am from Spotsy.  Today I just got home from work and thought it would be nice to see if I can connect with some people in the hi!  Are you TTCing?
  • LOL!  I am an are expecting.  Ignore my last question!  Congrats and GL!
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  • I'm from Fredericksburg.  I check this board every once in a while but its so slow.  :(

     Congrats on your pregnancy!

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  • I live in Fburg too - just moved to area 6 months ago or so. Congrats on the pregnancy and let me know if you ever want to get together -- it'd be nice to not be the only one showing a baby bump! :-) 
  • Sorry I'm just now responding. I didn't think anyone was in the area.  This board is pretty slow. Are any of you active on other boards? I'm currently on 2nd tri, I lurk a lot on EFF and I check out my August birth month board often. 

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