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gay-friendly childrens books

Any recommendations for childrens books involving 2 daddies?  My FIL (DS's grandfather) is gay and has a longterm partner.  I'd like to get a book or two that involve that family system.


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Re: gay-friendly childrens books

  • Here's a link to a recent thread about books:

    This board is usually slow on the weekends, but make sure to check back next week as I'm certain others will have more info for you. :-) 




  • the two my son really loves are Daddy Pappa and Me and And Tango Makes Three.  The family Book is also great, but he didnt take to it as much as the other two.
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  • The post Two*True linked to above links to this blog:

    Which is the best list I've ever seen of lgbt-friendly/-related kids' books.

    Uncle Bobby's Wedding or King & King in particular might interest you.

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  • Thanks for this post! We aren't quite ready to TTC yet, but I will definitely purchase some of these books for our future LO's library. We believe it is very important to teach our kids that all types of families are OK.
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