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Day Care suggestions?

I just started researching and am having a hard time finding any day care locations that take newborns!  We live in Clairemont and I work in La Jolla...any suggestions?

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Re: Day Care suggestions?

  • wow, i could have written this post in Clairemont, work in La Jolla.  Anyway, try Craigslist, local colleges, word of mouth, and maybe email coworkers to ask.  My LO is 6 months now, but it's worth a shot!  I just noticed that you're just 11 weeks pregnant...won't you have maternity leave?  By then your DC will be around 3 months old so you might want to take that into consideration.
  • Yes, I could take a full 12 weeks, but I may only do 8 weeks.  I just wanted to have something set up before I got too big to have a desire to visit locations!
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  • There is a KinderCare in University City (Agee St).  Overall the place was great.  Only problem is that they are about 1500 a month for infants.  You should check them out if you can swing the price.


  • Thanks, I found it online but was questioning how good it was!  Glad to hear you had a good experience.
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  • I live in Clairemont and actually used to work in La Jolla weird.  Anyway, I'm looking to maybe start a home daycare for just a couple kids.  I have a 8 month old and I will be watching my sister's baby after she is born in June.  I would love to add another baby to the mix for socialization.  Message me if anyone is interested! :)
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