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Leesburg Birthing Inn

Anyone given birth here? How was your experience?

Also any mamas-to-be in the Leesburg / Loudoun area on here? I'm due in June - relatively new to the area. Moved here from the UK about a year ago.




Re: Leesburg Birthing Inn

  • Hi there!  I am due in a little over 10 weeks and will be delivering my first at the Birthing Inn at Inova Loudoun.  My husband and I took the childbirth express class there a few weeks ago and I HIGHLY recommend it.  We learned SO much!  And we got a tour of the Inn - it is beautiful.  All private rooms - the birthing rooms are huge and the post delivery rooms are private too and a nice size.  I am just grateful that they lifted the visiting restrictions.  The staff there seemed really nice too. 

    Where are you in Loudoun?  We are in Potomac Falls, I've lived here for just over 2 years now.  Its a great area.


  • Hi Jenlyn - I'm due in about 11 weeks so we might even be there at the same time if we're early/late!

    I'm going to book one of the tours soon - everything I've read so far makes it sound nice. We didn't manage to book any of the classes there in time so are making do with a great DVD I bought. But I do want to see the place before the day itself!

    We live near Waterford - so the other side of Leesburg from you. Will you be going to the new mothers' group at the Birthing Inn afterwards? 




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  • Hi Lakesbride!

    I'm sorry you didnt get to take any of the classes.  We are taking the babycare class on April 14th and I still need to sign up for a breastfeeding class (probably the one in May). 

    I'm not sure how to pm someone (personal message), so shoot me an email so we can chat jenlyn324 at msn dot com. 

    Oh, and I was planning on going to the new mother's group too!


  • I delivered there 2 years ago and had a wonderful experience.  The nursing staff was so supportive and helpful.  The rooms were great and the food wasn't too bad either.
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