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Going rate for Nannies/Childcare

Hi ladies! Just wondering how much we should budget for childcare. What's the going rate for nannies vs. childcare facilities? Let me know, please!  Thanks!

Re: Going rate for Nannies/Childcare

  • I am really early, so I have only looked at one place so far just out of curiousity, and full time M-F daycare there was $1500/month.

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  • Nannies are more expensive ($10 - $15 per hour). If you want to get a sense of going rates, check out www.sittercity.com.

    Daycares can run you $1000 - $2000 per month, depending where you look. Average is about $1500 I think.

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  • As an experienced nanny, I generally charge about 15/hr. That's about 2400/mo fulltime. I think a nanny is reasonable for most persons when they are working part-time (as I am) as it costs less money, but is way nicer (and more comfortable for the kid) than a daycare facility.

     Sittercity is a great site, I've found many of my jobs on there, including my current one.

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