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What are your childcare plans? I cannot stop work, so need to find a?reasonably?priced option in Studio City. Any suggestions? I'd love a nanny, but can't imagine the cost...
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  • I live in the same area and looking as well. Fortunately, I will have 3 months off with baby but I am looking at part time nanny to just help out a few hours 2/3 times a week when I do return to work.

    You know I was at Beeman park the other day and saw a lady posting up fliers for nanny work. I don't know how reliable that is though. but maybe next time I'll ask a few of the moms there if they have any recommendations. I'll let you know :)

  • I live not too far away too.  I am looking for a nanny for the first year or a home day care.  Let me know if you find anything about a good home day.  Or, I'd be interested in a nanny share after the first year. 

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  • I get the first 3 months off too, and because I am a teacher I think we would be okay if I had to just find someone form Jan-Jun. But, a nanny share sounds like a great idea!
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