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I'm so anxious for this pregnancy to be over...

It's been pretty rough... any words of wisdom?

Also, we are going shopping this weekend to finalize the nursery.  Any must-have items I should consider?

Re: I'm so anxious for this pregnancy to be over...

  • Where are you shopping?

    I regretted not getting a glider.  I got a chair rocker based on how it looked and with my 2nd used a handmedown glider and it was the BEST!

    I know what you mean about being anxious to be over. I am not a happy pregnant person.  The lamaze class I attended I was known as "the swollen one" - it seems like I had every symptom possilbe. 

    You are going to feel SOOOOOO good right after you have the baby.  All of those symptoms will be gone, you'll feel light as a feather, and you'll look at your baby and realize, so THAT's why it was so hard...because you created THIS!

    Feet up and rest as much as you can mama. 

  • i can empathize but i have to say, enjoy it while it lasts. i really miss being pregnant. the first few wks are no joke either but you'll get through it, just keep telling yourself you'll be ok! my biggest advice, non nursery, is if you plan on BF'ing, make sure you have someone who knows what they're talking about in regards to lactation consultants in your corner in case your LO doesn't latch. and if you can afford it, hire a post-partum doula for the first few nights of being home...not days, NIGHTS! a HUGE help! if you need a # you can email me direct @ [email protected] & i'll pass you the woman who helped us. 
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