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anni_t - moving baby to her own room

Hey Anni --

Moving a baby into their own room is nerve wracking for every mom. Your mind goes on and on with "what ifs" in the middle of the night! Since your baby is going to be on a different floor, I'd say invest in a fantastic video monitor so you can see every move. Here's an article to help get you started. 



Re: anni_t - moving baby to her own room

  • Thank you. Since DD was born, I am constantly worried. I appreciate anything that helps me relax a bit!
  • I had sort of an opposite experience, I couldn't sleep AT ALL when I could hear every grunt and gurgle going on. I thought she was waking up all the time and I had to be up all night prepared.  What if you set an alarm for a certain time you could go check beyond the feeding times?  Once you do it for a week or so I think you'll be more comf. Crank that monitor up and also I love the idea of the viddy monitor!

    Good luck, your a wonderful mom (i know because you are worried)!

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  • Thanks guys. I am shooting for next week for the big move!
  • Here's a post someone just started about this topic - hopefully some of the replies will help you!
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