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Does anyone have any questions?

Fire away! I'll do my best to answer and I'm sure your fellow moms and moms-to-be will have some helpful advice...


Re: Does anyone have any questions?

  • I've been getting some terrible headaches lately. They are so bad that I can't see straight. What can I do other than Tylenol (it isn't working)
  • Headaches are a big part of pregnancy. Some women get morning sickness, some get migraines and the lucky ones get both ;)

    Absolutely get in touch with your doctor - it most likely is hormones, but they'll take some blood and rule out any other problems. Also make sure you're staying insanely hydrated...

    I've never had too much trouble with headaches in my pregnancies but have lot of friends who have. Many turn to a chiropractor or try acupuncture to help alleviate the pain.

    Headaches like you are describing really can bring you to your knees but the good news is that they don't typically last much past the first trimester. 

    Call your doctor! Hope you are feeling better... 


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  • Ditto what Liz just said!  And we also have a Q&A on Headaches that may help...
  • What helped me was a hot pack on my was like it opened up my bloodflow and let the tylenol do its job better.  Hope you feel better! 
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