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When to take baby out

My little Baby D is 1 month old. Anyone out there take there 1 month old out to a restaurant? 

Re: When to take baby out

  • My baby isn't 1 month yet, but im definitely nervous about taking LO out to dinner.
  • I'm pretty sure thatt we did.... also to birthday parties and the mall. Actually, he went to his first wedding when he was 1 month old!  I think by that age it should be fine to go out
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  • I took her when she was 10 days. Just went to a restaurant that was not busy (Monday), away from everyone else.
  • We took him out for a late afternoon Valentine's Day dinner on 3rd St in  Santa Monica.  He was 3 wks & 5 days.  We left him in the stroller covered the whole time 'coz he was sleeping.

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