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Hi LA Mammas! New to Playa Vista!

Hey LA Mommies! I'm pregnant with my first child- due June 29th, 2010...we found out last week we're having a boy and my husband and I could not be more thrilled!! We live in the Playa Vista community, and are new to the area (We've lived in LA for awhile, but new to Playa) so if there are any Mom groups out there looking for a new member, let me know!!



Re: Hi LA Mammas! New to Playa Vista!

  • I just moved out of the Playa area (loved it!) but just wanted to say Congrats and Welcome!!
  • Hi Ashleigh,

    We live super close to Playa Vista in the southern part of Culver City. I'm due in August with our first. Haven't found any mom groups but let me know if you hear of any (I will do the same).


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  • Hi Ashleigh and Jen,

    We're expecting our little boy any day now and live close by in Mar Vista.   I order from Yummy.com all the time so I don't have to lug grocery bags out of my car.

    We should meet up for some frozen yogurt or coffee.  We could start our own mom group :)


  • I'd be interested in getting the link. I'm not due for awhile but it would be great to meet other new moms. Seems like no one settles down in LA and even at my age (33), I'm the first one to go through this in our group of friends! :(

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hey! I'm new to these message board things, so I forgot to re-check my thread until now! I'm so excited to see there are mom's in my area and that we all seem pretty new to all of this! I'd love to have the meetup link as well...but what does PM mean?!?!? Haha...I swear, there is a whole new language when it comes to Baby Abbreviations!! haha :)



  • PM means "private message." It's when you send a separate note just to the sender. :) Took me a second to figure out too, so don't worry!  
  • Hi Ashleigh!

     I live in Playa Vista too! We are expecting our first baby in July :-) 

    Would be awesome to keep in touch! And have some 'new mommy' friends living close by! 

     Don't really know this website too well yet tho'... Maybe we can private message or write on this board to keep in touch? 

     - Sabina

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