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1st Trimester

does this overbearing fatigue go away after first trimester?

gosh I just do not rember being sooo tired like this with my pregnancy for my daughter.. is this something that usually fades after first trimester? of course I remember being exhausted in the end especially third trimester but nothing like this, does it get better?

Re: does this overbearing fatigue go away after first trimester?

  • it did go away for me with DD#1... and I sure hope it does with this one too.
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  • yeah but it comes back with a vengeance in 3rd tri
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  • Yes it gets better! I heard 2nd tri is easy-street but if it is, I didn't experience that with my first pregnancy because it was twins and I was already HUGE by the end of 2nd tri!
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  • i really hope so! i slept almost 9 hours last night and STILL was falling asleep at my desk at work
  • It definitely gets better.  I remember with my first, I thought I'd never be myself again.  Never want to cook dinner again, never want to hang out with friends, never want to stay up past 8am.  And then somewhere around 14 weeks it was like a light switch went on--I felt normal!  I did feel some fatigue in the 3rd trimester, but not a ton.  Hang in there--it will get better!
  • thanks ladies! Im hanging by a thread here! lol
  • This is your second child? Then, no. You have about 18 more years of fatigue ahead of you. Good luck!! ; )
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  • I really hope so!  I'm struggling to get through the day without falling asleep!
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  • I also believe I was not nearly this tired when I was pg. with my first. It's nearly unbearable. I was napping when she napped but I can't do that every day...hoping it gets better soon.
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  • It will get better!  Smile
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    thanks ladies! Im hanging by a thread here! lol

    haha me too!!!

  • yes and no. some days are better for me than others. But I have more energy than I did in 1st trimester. Also it will hit hard again in 3rd trimester Smile

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  • I actually thought I posted this and forgot lol... I go to sleep every night by 9pm and wake up at 6am and by 1pm.... I am still WHOOPED! I think it was less tiring with my 1st db because I didnt have one to take care of while I was pg.  Ok, off to prepare myself for bed.
  • Not for me.  2nd tri has been WAY worse than 1st.  I've never been so exhausted in my life.  Other symptoms have worsened too.  Hope it's not the case for you!


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  • i am also SOOO exhausted w/this 2nd pregnancy too!  i was never tired w/my 1st - so i hope it does get better!  i've been so lazy!  i barely ever napped when DS was a newborn and now i nap every day that i can!  it's not like me at all!
  • I don't remember being this tired during first tri with my daughter either, but then again...DD is 9 months and I think the pregnancy/active baby combo is weighing heavily on me right now. I do remember being extremely exhausted in 3rd tri so I can't wait to see what that brings! Best of luck to you and hope it passes soon!
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