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toilet paper stuck up nose...wwyd?

so dd was pretending she had a bloody nose (don't ask why) and ended up sticking a pea size ball of toilet paper up her nostril so far that it's not stuck and we can not get it out.  i thought about calling the pedi but it doesn't quite seem like an emergency (it's after hours).  do you think it will just disolve up there?  what would you do?

Re: toilet paper stuck up nose...wwyd?

  • Can you see it? Tweezers?

    Can she blow her nose hard?

    Neti pot? LOL, I have no idea what to say. I would call the pedi. I'm sure they've seen this time and time again. LOL--GL!

  • i would try to make her sneeze.. i cant think of anything else..
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  • I remember howleyshell said something about her kid getting something stuck before. I think you are suppose to put your finger on the non-clogged side and blow the clogged side and it should come out.

    or you can blow a puff of air in her mouth.

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  • DS stuck a Goldfish cracker up his nose last night and we went to the ER.  It is what the nurse line recommended.  I would call.  They told us if he sucked it back he could aspirate, and if we didn't have it removed it would inflame/swell his nose.  I would call and see what they recommend.  I can tell you goldfish have to be removed :)  Good luck.
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  • Paid a copay to learn this trick with a crayon. Lay kid down. Blow puff of air in mouth like giving CPR. If it doesn't come out try again but pinch the non clogged side closed to force more air thru blocked nostril. Sorry for the monster paragraph... I'm on the crackberry. GL!!!
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