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Recommend a vacation spot with an 18month old

Looking to go somewhere on Memorial week. Katie will be 18 months. I want a tropical vacation, and I love beach time.

We have debated Disney [my sister may or may not be going there that week], but not sure it's worth the money at Katie's age [especially if my sister doesn't end up taking her kids].

Any other places we should check out to spend a week in Florida? Thanks so much!!

Katie, Duke Gardens, 6months


Zach, Duke Gardens, 6months


Photo courtesy from the amazing Ever You Photography!

Re: Recommend a vacation spot with an 18month old

  • I'm not really familiar with the beaches in South/Central Florida.. I've heard Sanibel is nice but do not have any personal experience.

    I think she'd do fine at 18 months at Disney - Disney REALLY caters to the little ones :) We were considering taking B later this month, but decided to focus on paying off our credit card instead :( 

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  • We have friends who did the volunteer thing and were able to get into disney for free. They have a website that gives the instructions. I think they even donated something rather than giving hours (they have small children).

    You could even just do a Disney resort. There is SO much to do just at the pool.

  • Daytona Beach is a great spot for families and kids. They have a water park area and a great beach area. Another great idea is St. Augustine. They have a beautiful beach area and cute shops and restaurants.

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