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Newbie :) Need advice- Columbia area and surrounding

Hello ladies!  I am new here on the bump boards and just started looking on the South Carolina boards.  I am a law student at USC and my husband is a teacher- we have 3 four legged furry 'children', but just decided to TTC last month :)  I am trying to plan as much as possible so that when we do conceive, its not as stressful to find an OB and all that.  (I'm a planner/researcher big time, lol)

I am relatively new to the area and get my annual done at the University, but they do not do OB care.  I am looking for recommendations for midwives and OB's.  I looked into the Covenant Birthing Center because I prefer to go to a birthing center with a midwife than go to a hospital.  Has anyone had any experience with them?  I also have to find an OB for a couple appointments (as long as my pregnancy is low risk) and for back up in case I become a high risk case or there is an emergency.  I was looking at the Columbia Women's Healthcare- does anyone have any opinions of them?  What about in the Lexington area?   

Any advice about Columbia would be helpful- thank you so much!

 Kuddos for everyone who read all this, sorry its so long! 

Re: Newbie :) Need advice- Columbia area and surrounding

  • Welcome!
    Not sure what part of Columbia you are located in, but my Dr's are at Providence Women's Health.  It's right off I-77 and Farrow Road. I cant rave more about them, both Drs are equally fantastic. I also find it great that the drs do all their ultrasounds, not a tech.  I havent inquired about widwives, but they do deliver right there at the hospital and I think both are high-risk OB's (you'll have to ask to make sure). Providence also offers a variety of pre-baby educational courses that are very reasonable $$-wise.
    Good luck! 
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  • Hi! 

    I am currently going to the Covenant Birthing Center and I have to give it great recommendations.  The midwives there are great.  I switched to them when I was 28 weeks along and I am very happy with the decision.  They work with an OB for the mandatory OB appointments to confirm you are still low risk.  I go to my 36 week OB check next week. 

     I was a patient at Carolina Women's Physicians which as an office building right next to LexMed.  I really  did love them too.  I didn't leave their care due to anything they did.  I just really wanted a natural birth and thought that a hospital environment wouldn't be the best choice for me. 

    If you have any other questions about CBC or anything, send me an email  [email protected] (PM on the Bump never work for me)

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  • I love my OB/GYN's practice so I would always recommend them.  Palmetto OB/GYN.  All of doctors & nurses are women and all of them are fantastic.  The main office is located downtown at Baptist.  Not sure how they work with the midwife--I never went that route.  Good luck!
  • I see Carolina Womens Physicians as well, Dr. Keeton is my Doctor and I would not recommend any one else! I had a cervical tear and hemorrage during my "normal" induction, they had a hard time finding the bleed and stopping it...if not for Dr. Keeton, I may have died. I would hate to think of what could have happened if a doctor had not been present..i highly recommend this practice.

  • Thanks, Ladies!  I just did a tour with the Covenant Birthing Center, and we will definitely be going with them.  I like being able to have my baby the way I want in a comfortable environment, not being 'treated' as if I have a disease.  I may try to find a closer consulting physician.  I have had experience with the people at Three Rivers that are at Palmetto Health Baptist, but was not impressed.  

    Thank you for the recommendations,  I will have to see if any of these will work with the Birthing Center!

  • Contact me!  My husband is a 3L at USC.  I'd love to chat with you a little.  [email protected]  I am the president of the SBAA and often get "couples" together from the law school, students and their spouses.
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